MacKenzie Price, Co-Founder of 2hr Learning and Alpha School, is revolutionizing K-12 education. 2hr Learning uses AI to offer personalized, mastery learning, allowing students spend just 2 hours on academics a day, and freeing up the rest of their day to pursue their passions and interests.

Alpha School uses 2hr Learning to ensure students enjoy school, learn twice as much in only 2 hours per day, and acquire life skills through project-based workshops. Alpha ranks in the top 2% nationwide. MacKenzie also collaborates with, an after-school platform for test prep and core academics.

She hosts the Future of Education podcast and YouTube channel, discussing AI’s role in education and how students can align their passions with their skills for personal and academic growth. She has contributed to projects promoting online learning apps and participated in Harvard-led research programs focusing on student motivation.

A Stanford University graduate with a BA in Psychology, MacKenzie lives in Austin, Texas with her family.

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