Alpha School unlocks your child’s potential, teaching them 2x faster than standard schools and fostering essential life skills. Currently in Austin, Brownsville and a city near you!

We leverage kids’ love of gaming to ensure excellent academic performance and develop world-class socialization skills. 

Parents know that the best way to teach kids life skills like leadership, teamwork and grit are via athletics. Sports Academy, powered by 2hr Learning, allows students to excel academically and learn these life skills through their love of sports. Find out more and get involved.

2hr Learning unlocks the ability for parents who want to take their kid out of the current school system, but were worried about teaching academics. Sign up to learn more!

We’re thrilled to introduce the future of education with the upcoming launch of the physical GT School in Austin, set for 2024. This full-time, in-person school is designed to revolutionize the learning experience.

Where the most ambitious kids build out their biggest dreams. Through entrepreneurship and world-class mentors, Prequel helps middle and high school students build critical life skills not taught in school.
Our program offers free education opportunities to Ukrainian refugees displaced by war who don’t have access to schools and teachers. Support the cause!